We advise in the processes of establishing a new business enterprise in Poland, expanding a Polish enterprise into international markets and bringing a foreign entity into Poland to invest here.

Tax advisers, statutory auditors, financial advisers and lawyers from Grant Thornton offer ongoing support to Polish and international entrepreneurs planning new enterprises and establishing them in Poland or abroad.

Scope of support in business formation:

  1. Creating a business plan, verifying it or adapting it to Polish conditions.
  2. Choosing the legal form for the given venture, legal form of the entity or country where the new entity or group should be established.
  3. Handling all of the activities involved in establishing Polish partnerships/companies provided for in commercial law, as well as branch offices or agencies of foreign entities.
  4. Support in establishing business enterprises outside of Poland.

 Scope of support in business reorganisation:

  1. Optimisation of the legal form for doing business – taking into account a range of criteria related to the business, its environment, owners’ plans and expectations, we help you make a fully informed decision on the choice of the optimal legal form for your business and present paths leading to the accomplishment of your objectives.
  2. Structuring groups of companies for private enterprises as well as international corporations; planning and then implementing group reorganisation.
  3. Planning and implementing reorganisation deals requiring consolidation, division or transformation of companies, processing contributions, share transactions, sale of an enterprise or an organised part thereof, etc.

Our services:

Legal and tax services related to establishing companies, branch offices, agencies

Within the framework of support in establishing companies, branch offices and agencies, we advise you on the choice of the optimal legal form for your business.

The scope of works covered by the service includes:

  • Identifying the client’s real needs in terms of the legal form of business
  • Legal and tax advice related to choosing the optimal legal form of business
  • Drafting memoranda and articles of association matching the client’s individual needs
  • Drafting resolutions of the company’s governing bodies and proxy services at meetings
  • Comprehensive development of registrar documentation and all formal documents related to establishing a company
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Company consolidation and division

The interdisciplinary team of Grant Thornton experts provides a wide scope of support in preparing and implementing the optimal solutions for your business. The team of lawyers, statutory auditors, tax and financial advisers, put together according to the challenges involved in the given process, will be there for you to:

  • Support you in choosing the optimal action plan
  • Identify all the legal, tax and accounting consequences of the consolidation and/or division
  • Develop a detailed schedule including all activities
  • Prepare documents related to the implementation of the given action plan
  • Support you in dealings with authorities, courts, financing institutions and business partners
  • Coordinate and supervise all areas of activities connected with the process of consolidation or division
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Rafał Śmigórski, Partner,
M: +48 607 665 736 E: rafal.smigorski@pl.gt.com

Changing the legal form of your business

Optimisation of your business activities by changing the legal form requires comprehensive support. We not only advise you with regard to the choice of the optimal form for doing business, but also take you through the change process offering comprehensive support at every step of the way.

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Rafał Śmigórski, Partner,
M: +48 607 665 736 E: rafal.smigorski@pl.gt.com

Liquidation of companies and branch offices

Liquidation of companies and branch offices requires experience and expertise in the areas of law, taxation and accounting.

Scope of support in winding up a company or branch office:

  • Analysis of the current status of the entity intended for liquidation
  • Identifying the legal, tax and accounting consequences of planned actions
  • Developing a detailed schedule of the liquidation process
  • Drawing up the required documents
  • Supporting liquidators in the proceedings involved in liquidation
  • Representation before the registry court and other authorities in proceedings to register commencement of liquidation and striking the entity off the business registers
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Rafał Śmigórski, Partner
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Business succession

Business succession should provide for continuity and development of the enterprise for the generations and decades to come. We support entrepreneurs in succession planning, choosing the right legal form, finding a potential investor and going through all the steps involved in the process, for the following types of business succession:

  • Business succession involving family members
  • Business succession involving employees
  • Business succession involving an external investor
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