Payroll, personnel and HR outsourcing allows you to boost efficiency by shifting the functions related to payroll and personnel to Grant Thornton. By choosing to outsource payroll, personnel and HR to Grant Thornton, you will cut down on costs, minimize your operating risks and guarantee freedom and operational continuity of your business.

Grant Thornton’s payroll & HR outsourcing helps increase the efficiency of your business processes. The service includes tasks related to payroll calculation and selected elements of personnel administration and HR management.

Accounting services and global compliance at Grant Thornton:

HR & payroll services

People in your company with responsibility for HR & payroll must ensure efficient handling of employee documentation. With Grant Thornton’s HR & payroll service, you gain access to expert knowledge and experience and avoid having to maintain specialised departments.

Our payroll & HR outsourcing services are dedicated to businesses striving to maximise their effectiveness in personnel management. Cooperation with the experts from Grant Thornton makes it possible to shift these business functions completely outside your company, while guaranteeing that payroll and HR matters are handled in compliance with market best practices.

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Magdalena Marcinowska, Payroll Partner
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Advisory services related to labour law and remuneration schemes

Scope of advisory services related to labour law and remuneration schemes:

  • drafting and reviewing contracts of employment and related agreements (non-compete agreements, material liability, etc.)
  • support in dealings with the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS), labour inspection (PIP) and tax authorities
  • work scheduling and time sheet accounting
  • assistance in hiring foreign workers
  • handling the transition of an establishment to a new employer pursuant to article 23 (1) Labour Code
  • support in measures related to job reductions (arrangements, notices of termination, severance pay and redundancy compensation)
  • support in collective and individual dismissals
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Monika Smulewicz, Partner
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Interim HR & payroll staff assistance

Interim staff assistance in HR & payroll departments provides you with highly-specialised skill sets for payroll and personnel services, whenever your business encounters any problems in this area.

As part of the service, our experienced specialists can stand in at your payroll & HR department and remedy irregularities.

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Monika Smulewicz, Partner
M: +48 603 446 692E: monika.smulewicz@pl.gt.com

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