Automating business processes using AI

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Michał Madura

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What is it?

Business process automation is an activity aimed at optimising and improving the efficiency of business processes. Repetitive and tedious process steps are then replaced with automations supported by artificial intelligence. You can use the time freed up by automation to perform tasks that require more creativity or expertise.

  • Who is automation for?

    The service is aimed at all organizations that struggle with many time-consuming processes, including internally, and in customer relations. Task automation and decision support will benefit medium and large businesses, operating in both B2B and B2C areas.

  • When should I consider automation?

    Automation is worthwhile when your company’s processes are unnecessarily complex, imperfect, or if your employees spend too much time on boring, repetitive activities. In such situations, there is a natural lack of resources for more creative, imaginative and developing projects and activities. Automating part or all selected process can significantly increase its efficiency.

  • What are benefits of automation?

    An automation service using AI offers several benefits. It allows you to take a close look at selected processes operating in your company and diagnose places, problems, or repetitive activities. Through properly tailored automation, you can significantly reduce the number of errors that often occur in manual work, resulting in higher quality work and fewer risks. What’s more, AI systems can run continuously, ensuring business processes continue to operate, even outside of standard business hours. With your resources freed up, you can focus on building a competitive advantage; introduce new solutions and offer greater benefits to your customers.

Scope of support

Most processes operating in an organisation can be automated. Here are just a few selected examples where the use of low-code and no-code tools with artificial intelligence support can increase process efficiency.

  • Business process management (BPM)

    Low-code and no-code tools facilitate the modelling, automation and optimisation of complex business processes, such as customer orders, contract lifecycle management, HR or financial processes.

  • Customer service and support

    Automating customer service with AI chatbots and virtual assistants can significantly improve the customer experience. They offer quick and personalised responses to their inquiries, and automate routine tasks such as bookings, orders, and problem reporting.

  • Data analysis and reporting

    AI and low-code and no-code tools enable the automation of data collection, data analysis, and the creation of advanced reports and visualizations in real time, which is key to making good business decisions.

  • Marketing and sales

    Automating marketing and sales processes, including customer segmentation, personalising communications, managing advertising campaigns and tracking leads, can significantly increase the effectiveness of operations and optimise costs.

  • Recruitment and human resource management

    Automating HR processes, such as resume review, candidate screening, onboarding, and leave and attendance management, can significantly improve HR department efficiency and employee experience.

  • Finance and accounting

    Automating financial and accounting processes, including invoicing, accounts receivable and accounts payable management, transaction processing and budget management, can significantly improve data accuracy and reduce the time required for these processes.

  • Documentation and workflow management

    Low-code and no-code tools can automate the processes involved in creating, approving, storing, and sharing documents, which improves workflow and increases productivity.

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Implementation process

  • Process Discovery Workshop

    We begin with a workshop to better understand and accurately map business processes, considering areas in need of optimisation.

  • Technology selection

    In the next step, our AI consultants select the appropriate technologies – from simple automation solutions to advanced AI algorithms. In doing so, we take advantage of the potential of technologies already in place in each organisation.

  • Designing an optimized process

    We develop a new process flow incorporating automation and design an intuitive user interface.

  • Prototyping and testing

    We create a prototype (Proof of Concept – POC), teach the AI model, and test its effectiveness in handling the new process. We create a supporting user interface to work with the model.

  • Testing and implementation

    We perform model integration, automated testing, and user testing. All this is done to make sure that all models work properly, and processes run smoothly.

We begin with a workshop to better understand and accurately map business processes, considering areas in need of optimisation.


As a digital product partner, we offer consultancy and design solutions and enhancements that perfect your digital products and ideas. From the research stage to the achievement of tangible results. Using the latest technologies.

We offer professional consultancy, we carry out in-depth research analysis and create solutions at each stage of the innovation process. Beginning with research and identification of business needs, through the exploration and idea generation phase, where we develop ideas from simple concepts to more advanced projects, to the design, implementation and refinement of finished digital products. We carry out these activities in the competitive world of large and established companies.

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Automating business processes using AI

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Michał Madura

Client Success Director, EDISONDA

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Michał Madura

Client Success Director, EDISONDA

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