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Digital is here to stay – we are here to help your business make the best of it and overcome the challenges of the digital future.


It’s poised to become one of the most significant issues of the modern world. Every company uses some form of digital tools to run its operations – whether to communicate with clients and employees or to keep track of key products and documents. Accessibility of those tools is essential to the quality of the services they provide.

Grant Thornton provides support in identifying potential threats and risks and finding optimal solutions for detected security gaps.

We specialize in such areas as:

  • IT governance (e.g. security strategy, IT/enterprise architecture development)
  • IT due diligence (M&A and due diligence advisory)
  • Compliance (security policy, cybersecurity workshops)
  • IT & security audit (FORENSIC/CSIRT, assessment of security awareness, security assessment, risk analysis)
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Radosław Kaczorek
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User experience

At our user experience (UX) research and design studio EDISONDA we assist businesses in researching, designing and developing digital products (websites, mobile applications, IT systems) for a great user experience.

User experience determines how you interact with various systems and applications. Our objective is to assist you in designing and developing these products in such a way that they meet user expectations and contribute to accomplishing your business goals.

We specialize in such areas as:

  • Improving sales performance (creating e-commerce strategies, designing and measuring B2C and B2B online stores)
  • Enhancing operational efficiency (designing customer self-service systems, designing online transaction and banking systems)
  • Business promotion and communication online (designing product- and content-oriented web services, designing mobile applications)
  • Employee support (intranet research and design, designing business and back-office systems)
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Marcin Kręcioch, Creative Director
M: +48 728 350 898 E:

Hubert Turaj, UX Director
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Digital consulting

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