Accounting support services

What are accounting support services?

The purpose of the accounting support service is to outsource selected accounting processes to a team of external professionals. This may include assisting with increased month-end workloads, organisational changes or extended absences of key members of the in-house accounting team.

  • When to use the accounting support service?

    There are various emergencies and problems in accounting that may require outside expertise and cool heads to intervene. This is most often the case when it is necessary to correct non-compliance, reconstruct the books for past periods or provide replacement accounting staff.

  • Why entrust accounting support to Grant Thornton’s professionals?

    For over 30 years, our specialists have been dedicated to helping dynamic businesses in Poland succeed and thrive. They combine highly specialised knowledge in their field with the experience gained from working on hundreds of projects and companies, enabling them to offer tried and tested and sometimes ‘outside the box’ solutions to meet client expectations and provide an exceptional level of service – even in unusual or urgent situations.

Scope of support

  • Posting of selected types of source documents (purchase invoices, sales invoices, bank statements, etc.)
  • Accounting or taking over selected accounting areas (fixed assets, preparation of bank transfers, etc.)
  • Accounting consultations
REPORT Outsourcing 2019-2025 – changes and trends

Analysis of the results and prospects of outsourcing finance, accounting and payroll functions, using the example of leading BPS providers in the Grant Thornton network


Implementation process

  • Analysis of client needs

    We hold a meeting where our team identifies the client’s needs and expectations.

  • Service implementation

    At this stage, we agree the terms and conditions of the engagement and the client meets the dedicated service team. The client also provides the necessary data and documentation for the implementation and provides short training sessions on the accounting system used in the company.

  • Ongoing service

    The day-to-day service is provided in accordance with the pre-agreed scope and schedule.

We hold a meeting where our team identifies the client’s needs and expectations.

Why Grant Thornton?

Award-winning outsourcing

On 20 April 2023, at the Outsourcing Stars event, we were recognised as one of the top three firms in the Accounting, HR and Payroll category. Outsourcing Stars is Poland’s only non-commercial competition for the Modern Business Services sector. The competition aims to identify and reward the most dynamically growing business environment organisations, shared service centres and cities in Poland.

With years of experience and specialist knowledge, Grant Thornton’s professionals provide the accounting supervision service in an accurate, efficient and timely manner, effectively assisting you in your accounting obligations.

  • 950 000+

    documents booked in the previous financial year

  • 950+

    outsourcing projects handled in the past year alone

  • 5+ years

    average length of employment in our outsourcing team

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Accounting support services

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