What does the Tax Compliance service include?

With the Tax Compliance (or tax reporting) service, an external outsourcing firm fulfils the tax obligations of the taxpayer. The key tasks included in the Tax Compliance service include the timely and accurate preparation of all tax returns and statements (monthly, quarterly and annual) for the relevant authorities, reviewing the data and calculations prepared by the taxpayer, calculating the tax and informing the client of the amount of tax to be paid, or refunded where appropriate.

  • When is it a good idea to use tax reporting services?

    CFOs in Poland all too often have to spend time ensuring that the company’s accounts and reporting comply with ever-changing regulations and checking that tax returns and reports are correct. As a result, they are not always able to devote sufficient attention to strategic tasks – supporting the board and protecting the business from potential challenges and risks. In turn, foreign companies entering the Polish market do not always have sufficient knowledge and experience of local tax compliance requirements, while smaller domestic companies are unwilling to create a separate position dedicated to tax compliance tasks. In such situations, and when faced with staff shortages or excessive turnover in internal accounting staff, the optimal solution is to outsource the tax reporting function, i.e. to use the Tax Compliance service.

  • What are the benefits of the Tax Compliance service?

    The main benefit of engaging Grant Thornton’s professionals to carry out tax compliance tasks is the reduction of risk associated with tax accounting and reporting. Tax obligations are fulfilled in a timely manner and always in accordance with the latest regulations, using state-of-the-art tools. As tax authorities become increasingly digitalised and automated in their data analysis, leading to an increase in the detection of non-compliance, taxpayers need to be extremely vigilant about the accuracy of their financial statements, tax returns and reports. As well as keeping abreast of regulatory changes, our specialists have the knowledge and experience gained from serving a wide range of businesses across many industries, making them uniquely placed to assist your internal accounting team with more challenging tax issues. We provide services throughout Poland, from six local offices – from Poznań to Rzeszów.

Scope of support

  • Corporate Income Tax (CIT)
    • calculation of income tax payables and advance payments
    • verification of the client’s calculation of CIT and advance payments
    • preparation of the annual CIT return
  • Withholding tax
    • calculation of withholding tax due
    • preparation of tax returns and statements for taxpayers
  • Goods and services tax (VAT)
    • keeping of VAT registers
    • preparation of JPK_VAT returns
    • preparation of the VAT-EU statements (listing of intracommunity transactions)
  • Real estate tax
  • Agricultural tax
REPORT Outsourcing 2019-2025 – changes and trends

Analysis of the results and prospects of outsourcing finance, accounting and payroll functions, using the example of leading BPS providers in the Grant Thornton network


Implementation process

  • Analysis of client needs

    We hold a meeting where our experts identify the client’s needs and expectations.

  • Service implementation

    At this stage, we agree the terms and conditions of the engagement. The client meets the team dedicated to their service and provides the necessary data and documentation for implementation.

  • Ongoing service

    The service includes the preparation of tax returns and financial statements. Optionally, we can review all of the accounting transactions or an appropriate sample.

We hold a meeting where our experts identify the client’s needs and expectations.

Why Grant Thornton?

Award-winning outsourcing

On 20 April 2023, at the Outsourcing Stars event, we were recognised as one of the top three firms in the Accounting, HR and Payroll category. Outsourcing Stars is Poland’s only non-commercial competition for the Modern Business Services sector. The competition aims to identify and reward the most dynamically growing business environment organisations, shared service centres and cities in Poland.

When you decide to outsource your accounting to Grant Thornton, you can be sure that the experience and knowledge of our specialists will be reflected in the functioning of your business, and that your accounts will be kept in a reliable manner and in compliance with applicable regulations. Accounting and finance outsourcing with Grant Thornton is a service tailored to your needs.

  • 30 years

    in Poland

  • 900+

    employees in 8 offices

  • 2,200+

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