Usually, the simplest solutions are the best – and these include outsourcing. It is a tool known for dozens of years. It has passed the test of fire during the economic crisis related to the Covid-19 pandemic, allowing many companies to keep their jobs and business continuity – this is proven both by quantitative research conducted by Grant Thornton Poland on service recipients in the country as well as the qualitative research carried out on a leading BPS providers in the Grant Thornton network. The service has adjusted to the distance work requirement and document digitalization in the blink of an eye. It has ensured cost reduction, sense of safety and relative stabilization in these uncertain and unpredictable conditions.

Also today – in the face of accumulation of unfavorable factors on the market unseen for decades – outsourcing is an opportunity for the companies to tame overwhelming uncertainty and series of business risk factors. The challenges the organizations will have to face comprise many aspects – from those related to sky-rocketing inflation and rising fuel and energy prices, through difficulties in acquisition of qualified personnel, to effects of technological transformation forcing them to follow the development of systems, applications and IT infrastructure.

From this report you will find out inter alia:

  • was the outsourcing really a lifebuoy for companies in pandemic period?
  • what are the service providers doing to win the hearts and minds of the todays outsourcing clients?
  • what are the global trends in outsourcing?
  • what are the prospects of growth for the BPS sector around the world?
Outsourcing 2019-2025 Changes and Trends
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