Reporting to GUS, NBP, Intrastat

What does reporting outsourcing include?

An external reporting service shifts the burden of handling the reporting function from the client to a team of external professionals. It is their task to constantly monitor changes in legislation and the reporting requirements of the Central Statistical Office (GUS) and the National Bank of Poland (NBP), so that the statements and reports they prepare are in line with the dynamically changing Polish regulations.

  • Who can benefit from Grant Thornton’s GUS, NBP, Intrastat reporting service?

    Grant Thornton’s GUS, NBP, Intrastat Reporting services are worth using if you are experiencing staff shortages or if your internal accounting team does not have the skills required to prepare financial statements, GUS and NBP documentation, or Intrastat declarations. Similarly, if you have relocated your business to Poland and do not know the local reporting requirements, it is worth relying on professionals. Engaging external specialists can be cost-effective not only for large companies, but also for smaller local businesses, as it allows the CFO to focus on issues that are critical to the organisation’s financial and tax security, without getting bogged down in matters that do not require the CFO’s operational involvement.

  • What are the benefits of the GUS, NBP, Intrastat reporting service provided by Grant Thornton?

    The main advantage of entrusting the tasks associated with GUS, NBP, and Intrastat reporting tasks to Grant Thornton’s specialists is that it reduces the risk of errors and/or delays in reporting to the relevant authorities, which can result in financial and non-financial penalties for companies and their managers. With the increasing level of digitalisation of public authorities and the increasing effectiveness in detecting non-compliance, taxpayers need to be extremely vigilant about the accuracy of their financial statements, returns or reports. By relying on Grant Thornton’s support, you can increase your tax security and focus on your core business, without having to worry about constant regulatory changes, staff shortages or process continuity.

Scope of support

  • Preparation of financial statements based on the books kept by the client’s internal team
  • GUS reporting
  • NBP reporting
  • Intrastat reporting
REPORT Outsourcing 2019-2025 – changes and trends

Analysis of the results and prospects of outsourcing finance, accounting and payroll functions, using the example of leading BPS providers in the Grant Thornton network


Implementation process

  • Analysis of client needs

    We hold a meeting where our experts identify the client’s needs and expectations.

  • Service implementation

    At this stage, we agree the terms and conditions of the engagement. The client meets the team dedicated to their service and provides the necessary data and documentation for implementation.

  • Ongoing service

    The service includes the preparation of tax returns and financial statements. Optionally, we can review all of the accounting transactions or an appropriate sample.

We hold a meeting where our experts identify the client’s needs and expectations.

Why Grant Thornton?

Award-winning outsourcing

On 20 April 2023, at the Outsourcing Stars event, we were recognised as one of the top three firms in the Accounting, HR and Payroll category. Outsourcing Stars is Poland’s only non-commercial competition for the Modern Business Services sector. The competition aims to identify and reward the most dynamically growing business environment organisations, shared service centres and cities in Poland.

When you decide to outsource your accounting to Grant Thornton, you can be sure that the experience and knowledge of our specialists will be reflected in the functioning of your business, and that your accounts will be kept in a reliable manner and in compliance with applicable regulations. Accounting and finance outsourcing with Grant Thornton is a service tailored to your needs.

  • 29 years

    in Poland

  • 900+

    employees in 8 offices

  • 2200+

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Reporting to GUS, NBP, Intrastat

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