Forensic services

What are Forensic services?

Forensic services are wide range of tools and procedures aimed at: identifying or verifying potential irregularities, assessing the facts and significant circumstances, preserving, reviewing and selecting information and documentation relevant to the case, maintaining the chain of custody, working closely with legal counsel to secure client’s interest, and assisting in the eventual resolution of disputes.

  • Where do you start if you receive a particularly significant report from a whistleblower?

    We will help you verify the report, assess its credibility and plan next steps. The analysis of a whistleblower report is usually an integral part of planning a potential investigation.

  • Can an investigation be carried out without notifying company's employees?

    In justified cases we limit the first stage of the investigation to procedures, which can be conducted without notifying the company’s employees. This is a sensible approach particularly when there is a risk of destroying evidence or the sensitivity of the company to changes in the management – where continuity of business could be undermined by widespread knowledge within the company about the investigation being conducted

  • What is the outcome of the investigation?

    During the course of the proceedings, we provide updates about the progress of works performed and observations made. Together with the client, we decide on the next steps/stages, particularly when new circumstances have come into light. Depending on client’s expectations, we can prepare final report from the investigation, if required. We work closely with the client’s legal advisor, if any further legal steps have been taken.

Scope of support

  • Whistleblower report analysis

    We support clients in analyzing the whistleblower report, in particular in assessing the appropriateness of taking further steps and planning an investigation.

  • Electronic data preservation

    We carry out comprehensive preservation of computers, business phones, email archives and databases by qualified international team in compliance with chain of custody, whenever necessary.

    Preserved electronic data can then be reviewed as part of investigation allowing for the collection of relevant information and documentation that would otherwise be inaccessible. 

  • Compliance verification

    Analysis of a sample of transactions in order to identify transactions contrary to the company’s internal procedures, good market practice (non-compliance) or high-risk transactions (e.g. of a corrupt nature). Particularly relevant for key company employees (including management) in case of increasing concerns or notifications about irregularities occurring.

  • Forensic Investigation

    Carry out comprehensive procedures to verify the facts and relevant circumstances regarding potential fraudulent activities within the company. Includes analysis of financial and accounting data, secured electronic data, publicly available data, conducting interviews and analyzing other sources of information specific to particular case.

  • Dispute resolution support

    Working closely with the client’s legal advisors and law firms to comprehensively handle litigation or claims made against the other party – support in securing and presenting information and documentation relevant to the case, assistance in developing general narrative for the case.

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Implementation process

  • Discussing needs and defining action plan

    First stage of the investigation includes the planning stage. During a meeting, we: discuss your needs, determine hypotheses, assess availability of data and define level of confidentiality of the process. If required, this stage can already be covered by NDA.

  • Offering and concluding contract

    After confirmation of needs and limitations related to confidentiality we present scope of proposed procedures with initial quotation. After changes, if any, we conclude the contract to perform agreed works.

  • Conducting agreed procedures

    After conclusion of the contract, we commence our works in highest confidentiality. In case of any newly identified or sensitive matters, we reach out to agree and confirm proposed approach to address them. We report on progress of works in timely manner.

  • Assisting legal advisor in further legal steps

    After or during the investigation we closely cooperate with legal advisors, assisting them in further legal steps, if such decision has been made. We assist in providing key evidence, significant circumstances and support in preparation of objective and reliable narrative.

First stage of the investigation includes the planning stage. During a meeting, we: discuss your needs, determine hypotheses, assess availability of data and define level of confidentiality of the process. If required, this stage can already be covered by NDA.

Why Grant Thornton?

Dedicated flexible team of experts with unique experience in forensic services. Direct, open collaboration with other service lines teams and combining interoperable teams tailored to projects needs. We combine multiple competencies into one unified Grant Thornton voice.

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Forensic services

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