We are pleased to present another edition of the “Purple Information Brochure” a cycle of analyses where we discuss crucial and current issues for entrepreneurs. In this study, we discuss the key issues of tax changes related to pay calculation that will come into force with the beginning of 2022 due to the act “Polish Deal” signed by the President.

HR and pay experts of Grant Thornton share their knowledge, supplemented with an exemplary pay calculator.

As your business partner responsible for proper pay calculation, for the sake of your tax security, we provide you with an important study regarding the approaching changes. Please familiarise yourselves carefully with its content.

The provisions of the Polish Deal seem neutral at a first glance, or even advantageous in tax terms. However, going deeper into details gives rise to an increasing number of questions, doubts and potential risks.

Depending on your individual situation, verification of your tax status and update of the declarations we attach to this Information Brochure may be required.

Please analyse the changes discussed by us and their potential impact on your individual tax situation.

Should you have any questions, we remain at your service.

Polish Deal "Tax Changes and Remuneration in 2022"
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