Foreign companies reinvest their profits in Poland


International investors leave almost half of their income in Polish companies, according to a report by Grant Thornton.

Poland is becoming an increasingly attractive destination for foreign investors. According to the most recent available data for 2016-2018, foreign investors retained and reinvested in Poland PLN 114 billion, that is 46 per cent of the total profits earned in that time.  The willingness to reinvest is clearly on the rise, because just a decade earlier the reinvestment rate amounted to 32 per cent, and the nominal value of profits which were retained in the country amounted to as little as PLN 41 billion, barely more than one third of the current amount.

This clearly shows that the Polish economy – growing, modernizing and gradually approaching the status of a developed economy, with the maturity and predictability that entails – not only enables investors to earn attractive rates of return, but also reinforces their conviction that the decision to invest in Poland was a right one and that it is a good idea to increase the levels of capital committed in the country, specifically in the form of reinvestment.

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