How do or will we process your personal data?

We may process your data under different legal bases, depending on the purpose for which you provided us with the data.

Option 1: Choose the relationship in which you share data with us

I have sent in my resume:

I am an employee/former employee:

I am a client / business partner / other provider:

I am a visitor to GT’s social media profiles:

I participated in a workshop / webinars

My employer has a contract with GT, and I represent them in that relation:

I signed up for the career newsletter:

I signed up for the marketing newsletter:

I wrote a message (e.g. through a contact form):

Option 2: Contact us

List above does not apply to your relationship with a Grant Thornton entity? Do you have questions or want to exercise your rights?

Get in touch with our DPO:

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Marcin Troszak

Data privacy officer (DPO)