With great satisfaction, we announce that our advisors from Grant Thornton provided support to Elvita sp. z o.o., known for the production of the highest quality foliar fertilizers and biostimulants, in the process of acquiring a majority stake in the share capital of GOUDENKORREL Spółka akcyjna based in Łódź.

As part of the transaction, we provided comprehensive legal and financial advice, including the preparation and negotiation of transactional documentation, especially share purchase agreement and shareholders agreement. Additionally, we conducted a detailed due diligence of the acquired entity in financial, tax and legal areas.

Subject of the transaction Acquisition of a majority stake in the share capital of the company under the name: GOUDENKORREL Spółka akcyjna
Buyer Elvita sp. z o.o.
Seller Private Investors
Market Production of fertilizers and biostimulants
Transaction Confidential
Grant Thornton’s role M&A legal and financial advisory and conducting due diligence in legal, tax, and financial areas on behalf of the Buyer
Benefits from the transaction for the Buyer Expansion of the product portfolio and strengthening of the position in the agrochemical sector

By acquiring a majority stake in GOUDENKORREL, a producer of multi-component fertilizers, Elvita sp. z o.o. will enrich its product portfolio, expand the group of clients and increase production capacity. This will enable the company to offer a broader range of solutions to meet diverse agricultural needs and further solidify its position in the agrochemical industry.

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